Untamed Tactics

the game

Untamed Tactics is an upcoming unique tactical RPG that blends immersive storytelling with rogue-lite elements. Featuring a diverse cast of colorful animals, relive the adventures of rabbit General Greycoat in the Campaign mode or face his dark past in the ever-changing Nightmare mode.

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Delve into the mystical and dangerous world of Untamed Tactics, explore its deep, tactical gameplay and uncover its rich characters and lore.

Tactical Combat

Smart resource management and clever positioning will be your key to victory. Push your enemies into toxic ooze or gang up on them for extra powerful attacks!

Highly Replayable

Explore a wide range of strategies, combos and character builds. For even more replayability, dive into the unique narrative and progression systems of the rogue-lite Nightmare mode. Customize your party and dive into General Greycoat's dark past!

Parley System

Enemies are more than just punching bags in Untamed Tactics. Use the Parley system to talk to your enemies during battles. Hit them with your best lines and you might turn the tides of battles with the power of your words!

Why you will love it

We wanted to create a game that offers deep, yet accessible combat, tells an engaging narrative and allows you to tailor your experience to your own liking. We think that the campaign and rogue-lite modes, the rich characters and atmosphere and the various combat mechanics cover this. Each time you'll play you'll be able to discover something new: new lore, new builds, new loot. What will you find?

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