Untamed Feral Factions - Collectors Edition

€ 24.99 EUR

Untamed: Feral Factions is an accessible card game for 2 players (or more). Choose 3 Animals. Shuffle them together and you're ready to play! Use Animals to bring down your opponent's Strongholds and unleash powerful abilities to emerge victorious!

This game features Rats, Tigers, Crocodiles, Pandas, Raccoons, Chameleons, Rhinos, Rabbits, and Foxes, all at your disposal!

Being a Collector's Edition, the game also features extra Kickstarter benefits such as Epic Strongholds and Mythic Heroes. These mini expansions will give you stronger heroes and stronger Strongholds providing extra game modes and even more fun. These are exclusive to the Untamed Store.


  • 9 Factions (154 cards total)
  • 12 Damage Tokens
  • 12 Fury Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook
  • Collector's edition box with magnetic lid
  • Epic Stronghold Mini-expansion
  • Mythic Heroes Mini-expansion.