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Untamed Tactics
Grumpy Owl Game
Release date:
Q1 2023
PC, consoles to follow

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Untamed Tactics is a Tactical RPG with strategic combat set in a procedural world filled with colorful animals. Relive the legend of Greycoat’s escape into the untamed Wilds in a tale of lost honor, as you fight, talk and think your way through this beautifully illustrated adventure!

Key features

Tactical combat: Smart Power management and clever positioning will be your key to victory. Push your enemies into toxic ooze or gang up on them for extra powerful attacks!

A rabbit with a troubled past: Join Greycoat in his adventures, and meet a diverse cast of colorful characters to ally or do battle with! Help Greycoat regain his honor by confronting the past, and the many threats of the Wilds.

Deep customization: Empower your characters and perfect your strategy by customizing your roster of characters with a wide range of Classes, Gems, Runes, Tomes and Consumables.

Constant progression: Earn Echoes of the past by completing stories and Campaign quests, which can be spent to unlock new characters, loot and encounters!

Parley with foes: Use the Parley system to talk to your enemies during combat. Use your deck of Parley cards to unlock special effects that can change the tide of battle!

Highly replayable: Explore a wide range of strategies, combos and character builds. The procedural world keeps constantly changing, new difficulty modes allow for extra challenges for the foolhardy, while streamlined systems allow for players of various skill levels to join the fray!

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Milan Lefferts
Game Director
Miltiadis Nedelkos
Lead Developer
Joe Howard
Vincent van Gils
Business Development

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