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Looking ahead to what you can expect from Untamed Tactics

Untamed Tactics is the latest installment in the Untamed Universe. While our first game, Untamed Feral Factions, was a card game, Untamed Tactics is something completely different, a tactical RPG. This means that you’ll take control of 3 different characters, each with their own backstory and motivations and you will do battle on a grid. Battles are turn based and each character will have an amount of action points (called Power) that you can spend on a variety of attacks and abilities. You’ll gain a few points of Power each turn but you’ll be able to save up Power as well to use on future turns. This enables short and longer term planning as your most powerful attacks will also cost more Power. Furthermore, since battles take place on a grid, clever movement and positioning are crucial in gaining an upperhand.  

If you’ve played Untamed Feral Factions before, you might recognize some characters from the card game. The rabbit faction leader, General Greycoat, is a major character in Untamed Tactics.This time he’s older and telling his grandchildren of all his adventures. You’ll be able to relive these adventures in the game’s campaign mode. In this mode you’ll also encounter and play with other characters from the card game, such as the rhino faction leader Mo’gara and that sneaky chameleon assassin with the poisonous vial from the card game also gets a name and screen time: Mortimer (who might also spend a lot of time blowing stuff up). 

Untamed Tactics however also introduces a lot of new characters, some of these will be playable in the campaign, but the game also offers a second mode; the rogue-lite mode. Rogue-lite games is a genre that features (semi) randomly generated levels to progress through, and characters will often die during the progress, causing you to start again. This allows players to try out different strategies and combos and build their characters in different ways. This is all true for the rogue-lite mode found in Untamed Tactics, however we also took this opportunity to continue and expand on the narrative in a unique way. As mentioned earlier, the General Greycoat character has aged quite a lot since his appearance in the card game. As is sometimes the case in the real world, the General’s character’s high age also comes with a fleeting, scrambled memory. Therefore, the random nature of the rogue-lite mode therefore is the perfect parallel to Greycoat’s jumbled memory. Since no session will be the same, the narrative is ever changing as well, meaning that each time you play you’ll discover new bits and pieces of the lore.     

When we set out to create a digital game in the Untamed universe we deliberately chose a Role Playing Game. While the card game sets up the world and its inhabitants, it doesn’t really reveal much about what drives the characters or why they’re fighting and forging alliances. An RPG however gave us plenty of opportunities to showcase the world of Untamed and the motivation and backstories of all of its colorful characters. By having two distinct game modes, each with its separate yet intertwined and connected way of storytelling we think that Untamed Tactics is an exciting new way to explore the Untamed universe. 

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