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Kickstarter/News update Untamed Feral Factions February

Spirit Strike goes to print!

Kickstarter/News Update Untamed Feral Factions February

Another month has passed, so time for another update!

We have wrapped up the design verification process with the manufacturer. This is an important step in the process as we need to align our product designs with the designs for the printers of the manufacturer. Luckily, no big issues arose so we can move to the next part, getting proofs and samples of the game. This is the cool part because we can get the first glimpse on how the game and boxes are going to look like. Chinese New Year sets though, so this part of the process will start after the holidays. We have asked the manufacturer to take pictures so we can share it with you!

On a related note we have been getting reports from logistical and freight partners on the state of shipping. Regrettably, and unsurprisingly, COVID has thrown a wrench in the global logistical processes as well. Space on ships is sparse and there is a shortage of containers due to the lockdowns of ports. We did anticipate this when we launched the kickstarter (that is why the delivery date was so far ahead in the future). The good news is that we are still ahead of planning but the logistical challenge is something to monitor closely. We do this to the best of our abilities and work with our partners to mitigate the risks as well as possible. All in all, we are still confident that we can deliver the game to you on time.

Other than that, this is the more quiet part of the campaign where things happen behind the scenes. We will keep you updated on everything on a monthly basis to report progress. In the meantime should you want to chat with us, feel free to head over to our discord and meet fellow commanders of the wild as well!. Kinship and friendliness are things we can still cherish in these times and we would love to hear from you as well! 

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