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Kickstarter/News Update Untamed Feral Factions December

Deal with a manufacturer and the owls prepare for a short hibernation

Kickstarter/News Update Untamed Feral Factions December

Hi there Commanders!

Time flies when working on Untamed! Already more than a month has passed since the Kickstarter wrapped up. Time to get you all on the same page.

Before we head into the holidays we wanted to give you an update on the production side of things:

We’re happy to report that we’re getting closer and closer to sending Untamed Spirit Strike to the printer. This means that we’ve settled on a manufacturer who will help us turn this into the best Untamed product yet! Furthermore we’ve received all of the artwork and have completed work on the artbook as well. We’re looking forward to getting pre-production copies of the game into our hands in the new year and giving the green light for printing as soon as possible. Of course we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, so fingers crossed, but we’re feeling confident about the road ahead!

Untamed production: The road to your home

Our artists are finishing up the final art pieces: only 1 more to go! At the same time the artbook is being made and the design for the insert is done. That means that almost all of the components are complete and we are getting ready to work with the manufacturer!

We will be having a pre-production phase where the components are approved and the sizes are adjusted for printing. After that we will receive a sample and if that is okay, then we can give the Go for printing! We estimate that will happen in January next year, however with the world as it is, you never know. We will keep you updated as much as we can.

Happy holidays, have a great weekend, and staf safe!

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