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Dev Diary #6 - A difference of day and night

What is happening with your soon-to-be favorite rogue-like?

Dev Diary #6 - A difference of day and night

After a very well deserved (and received) two week holiday, the team is back in full swing on Untamed Tactics!


We've added some small new features that improve the playability and readability of the game. A new character info panel summarizes all the important information you need in battle with the press of a button, doing away with the overly complex status effect menu. 

Character 6 main attack/defense attributes' names have been simplified, for instance changing Developer Diary #5'Willpower' and 'Spirit' to Mental Defense (Mntl Def) and Mental Attack (Mntl Atk) respectively. This will allow players to much more easily connect damage types with attributes!

Greycoat leads the way

We're also focusing more on the integration of systems and narrative. Gone is the boring 'start run' menu. Instead, players now return to Old Greycoat's room for a new Story (run) or to play through Memories (linear adventures), and interact directly with Greycoat, his room and his eager audience, hungry for tales of adventure.

Day and Night

We've also introduced a day/night cycle. After each run, players return to find Old Greycoat sleeping. Day turns to night, the children leave and every few nights Greycoat dreams of his past, allowing players to experience his story by playing through short, non-procedural adventures.

These Memories can be replayed through their associated Memento, accessible in the trophy case.

Passives and Status Effects

On the gameplay side of things, we've taken a long hard look at both Passives and Status Effects.

Passives were a bit too weak and not clearly communicated to players, so we've capped the number of Passives at three, increased their power significantly and are working on improving their visibility to players. Enemies can now also have Passives.

Status Effects were too broad, too varied and hard to identify. We're addressing this by making a list of standardized status effects, as well as the way these effects stack and behave. Moreover, each of these effects will get its own icon in the future to communicate its effects better. For example, instead of having various Damage over Time (DoT) effects with varying strengths and durations, there are now 3 DoTs (one for each damage type), all DoTs last for 3 turns and deal standardized damage per stack applied. New applications refresh the duration.

Next time

After much system and (re)design work the last few weeks, we'll be starting to add additional content to the game in Patch 4. This will (finally) include new enemies, battle maps, events, and loot. The goal of Patch 4 is to have players experience a full run 2-3 hour run content-wise, with some variation across multiple playthroughs. 

Our art department will be focusing on fleshing out the 3rd Region of the game: the Shattered Coast!

Thanks for reading, have a great week (or weekend, depending on when this goes live).

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~ Milan

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