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Dev Diary #3 - Patching things up

Milan dives into the core gameplay systems of Untamed Tactics, explaining the nature of Tactical TPGs, Rogue-lites and how they combine into a cool game.

Patching things up

Hey everyone,

The last two weeks we’ve been making some big structural changes to get ready for a more patch-based and focused/thematic build release schedule. Let’s dive right in!

Mixing up the battles

We've added new win conditions to battle. Besides 'beat everyone to a pulp', we now have 'move to this tile to escape' and 'beat this specific fellow to a pulp'. We're planning on adding more win conditions later.

Expanding the world (map)

A new region is slowly coming to life! The Shattered Coast is now visible in the world map, and the first objects and tiles have been implemented. Since there is nothing to battle yet, we’ll keep you posted on when the full region is available in the game.

We've revamped the visuals and added a bunch of new elements to Stranglevine Ridge (the jungle region), such as Spike Traps that can damage characters and Bushes to hide in.

General structure and Patch 1

The rogue-lite structure of the core game is finally complete! We've set up procedural generation systems for questlines and map layouts, trying to find a good balance between hand-designed encounters and randomized elements. 

The first release, called Patch 1, is what we will be working on in the coming weeks, and will focus on making a complete run of the game fun. This means we stop adding new systems for a bit, and focus on polishing the existing systems, as well as adding actual content to play.

Polish and bug fixes

One of the goals of Patch 1 is to make the game a better experience overall. This means squashing the many bugs that all the new systems have added, making animations more fluid and doing another UX/UI pass of all the menus and interactions. While too numerous to list, we've updated everything from ability sorting to tile highlight colors. 

One big addition is that we've significantly improved performance in the Camp and basically every place with tiles. Seems SOMEONE (not me I swear) accidentally gave the basic cubes used for the tiles 14000 polygons instead of.. 6ish?

What’s next?

Next week we're finally giving the game a much-needed content boost, adding a large numbers of maps, encounters and dialogues! Furthermore, we’re adding a mid-run save systems and making a pass on improving the movement system with better pathfinding and *DRUMS* a movement line so you can see how your characters will travel (I’m a mindreader: “Milan every game should have that, why are you so late with implementing this”). 

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See you next time!

~ Milan

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