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Dev Diary #10 - Update 1: StrangleFINE

What is going on with Untamed Tactics, the TRPG or (y)our dreams?

Dev Diary #10 - Update 1: StrangleFINE

Hey everyone!

With our demo launch for SteamNextFest being successful, netting us a bunch of Steam wishlists and good feedback, which we've immediately implemented. This means that the core systems are 'finished', though visual improvements and polish will definitely still be done.

And with that, it's time to move on to the next part of development: EVERYTHING ELSE!

Content, content and more content

Obviously there is still a lot to be done, especially content-wise, so we've divided the remainder of the work into content patches for the game. Each content patch roughly corresponds to a region of the game, and focuses on Campaign Chapters and Adventure (the part you play when finishing the Campaign) content. Campaign Chapters are similar to the one shown in the demo, but slightly longer (about 1.5 hour per Chapter). Adventure content includes new battle maps, new variations of battle maps, more and refined enemy types, and new Events. 

<image of new battle map>

Character Events

We've also introduced a new Event type: the Character Event. These are very short snippets of backstory related to the characters currently in your party, to flesh out their backstories and relationships. In addition to fleshing out the lore, Character Events reward the main character they are about with a minor, permanent stat increase.

<image of character event>

Update 1: StrangleFINE

In this amazingly named update, we are working on adding content and polish to Stranglevine Ridge (SVR. This means replacing the early placeholder animations made with Unity3D's animation system with nicer ones made in Spine 2D, adding and refining around 30 SVR battle maps, and adding 10 SVR-specific Events. The events we will be adding include an encounter with an over-caffeinated Squirrel, a mysterious Snake hidden in the foliage, a talking coin and a dancing tree.

In addition, we will redo the animations of the main characters and update their models, as well as introduce Character Events.

Next time

Once we’ve finished Update 1, the next big milestone will be revamping the second region, the dark alchemical wasteland of Murkfall! That region is in serious need of some serious love, so we can’t wait to improve it and enable you all to play through both the second part of the Campaign as well as the myriad of new maps and events we will add there!

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~ Milan

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