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Untamed Feral Factions is an accessible, stand-alone card battle game for 2+ players, where you build your deck by choosing and shuffling together 3 different Animal factions. Try to take down your opponent’s Strongholds by tactically playing Animal and Item cards. Use the unique Support mechanic to fuel powerful card abilities, but be sure to manage your Power carefully!

The base game allows 2 to 3 players to enjoy a match of Untamed: Feral Factions. Thanks to a second successful run on Kickerstarter, the Spirit Strike expansion will soon be available! The box now includes 12 animal factions allowing up to 4 players to enjoy a game of Untamed: Feral Faction

This is a self-contained game, meaning there's
no random booster packs!

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Untamed is a card battle game similar to Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and Magic: The Gathering. It does however have some tricks up its sleeve that sets it apart from these games, making it more accessible and more affordable while still offering depth and infinite replayability. Watch our How To Play Video to learn more about the game mechanics!

Panda King card art from Untamed Feral Factions

Build your deck

Unlike other games, building your deck is easy! Just choose your 3 favorite animals and shuffle them together!

Chameleon Assassin card art from Untamed Feral Factions

Discover your combos

All animal factions enable different strategies and playstyles, combine them to unleash powerful combos!

Toothblade Chosen crocodile card art from Untamed Feral Factions

Use Your Support

Cards that have been defeated become Support, a secondary resource that you can spend to activate powerful abilities!


Choose 3 of these animal factions to form your deck. Which animals will you choose?

The crazy Chameleons gain effects as they play multiple cards in a turn.
The sneaky Foxes manipulate attack values as well as their own deck.
The merchant Pandas focus on Stronghold abilities and producing extra Support.
The dutiful Rabbits try to rush but remain flexible with their Arrive abilities.
The tinkering Raccoons protect and buff your other animals.
The unsavory Rats prefers playing lots of low cost animals.
The powerful Rhinos manipulate damage tokens and generate a lot of Fury.
The fierce Tigers defeat other animals to grant them a bonus.

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