About Grumpy owl Games

Being avid gamers and owners of board games ourselves, we’re living the dream of being a game development studio. We have been working on games since 2017 with our roost located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Applying our love and knowledge of games, we create digital adaptations of tabletop games for other publishers, develop engaging training and educational material, and continue shaping our dreams by releasing games in our own Untamed universe. 

Find out more about grumpy owl games at www.grumpyowlgames.com

The Story of Untamed

We all played our fair share of Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, keyforge and are fans of almost all the CCGs that are created. However, we felt that things were still amiss with these games. The upkeep was heavy on the wallet with a continuous stream of boosterpacks and the barriers just increased, making it harder to enjoy the games with some of our friends.

That is why we set out to create a game that is accessible, easy on your wallet and provides all the fun and magic (yes we did that) that all the legendary card games have. We envisioned that this game should be playable by MTG fans as well as casual gamers and have a strong visual attraction for both. Hence the animals.

The result is Untamed Feral Factions, the card battle game that has easy deck building mechanics (rather shuffle building akin to Smash-up), but challenging gameplay. The game offers tactical decision making with some new tweaks as well such as the Support mechanic giving players more agency to set up those cool combinations.

Due to the shuffle building, the game is a stand-alone game, so no need to keep buying randomized booster packs. Just use the animals that you love. We will create more animals in the future to spice up your gameplay but at a what you see is what you get. Doing so players always have their favorite animals complete and ready to use.

What's Next?

Having created such a colourful world filled with cool animals, it would be a shame to leave it at that with just one game!

With 2 Kickstarters under our belt we feel confident that we can bring the world of Untamed in more ways and in more immersive experiences than just the card game.

And that is where you come in, as a Commander of the Wilds! There is a whole world full of stories for you to experience and things to discover. Sign up below and be the first to know about new Untamed news!

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