Choose your allegiance in the battle for the Wilds.

    Welcome to Untamed: Feral Factions, a fast-paced shuffle-building card battle game where mighty Animal Factions fight for supremacy!


    Build your deck by combining 3 out of the 9 total unique Animal Factions, each with wildly different abilities and playstyles!


    Gather your troops.

    Gain the upper hand by playing powerful Animals and Items to defeat your opponent's Strongholds, or play them face down for more Power.

    Defeated Animals become Support, a secondary resource used to fuel powerful card abilities. 

    Take a look at all the cards in the Print & Play and the Rules!


    Get ready to unleash the beast.

    This standalone game contains everything you need to play with 2 or 3 players, no additional purchases required!

    With almost 100 deck combinations available, Untamed will keep you playing for countless hours. See you in the Wilds, Commander!

    You can try out the game on  Tabletop Simulator and be sure read up on the Rules!


    Join us in battle!

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