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Untamed: Feral Factions is an accessible card game for 2 players (or more). Choose 3 Animals. Shuffle them together and you’re ready to play! Use Animals to bring down your opponent’s Strongholds and unleash powerful abilities to emerge victorious! 

This is a self-contained game, meaning there’s no random booster packs!


Unlike games like Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone or the Pokemon TCG, Untamed is designed to be accessible and affordable. Everything is right there in box, the basic rules are easy to learn and we’ve streamlined the process of building a deck to get you playing as quickly as possible. As you’ll play the game you’ll find all sorts of crazy combos to defeat your opponents with!

Create Your Deck

Creating a deck is easy! Just choose your 3 favorite Animals and shuffle them together! What synergies will you discover?

Multi Use Cards

Every card in your hand can also be used as a resource, forcing you to make tough decisions every turn. How will you use your cards?

Use Your Support

Cards that have been defeated in battle become Support. You can use this resource to trigger special abilities on your cards. Use it wisely!


Discover new Factions, Mechanics and Combos with the first expansion for Untamed Feral Factions: Spirit Strike! This expansions allows players to control the new Gorilla, Deer and Snake factions. These mysterious magic wielding critters have the ability to summon Owl Spirits to their side to aid them in battle! Some of these Animals might even be able to Foresee the future or to Invoke and receive a special bonus!

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New Cards!


The base game comes with 9 different factions right in the box, you won’t be buying random packs! Every faction has a different play style. Try different combinations of factions to find new combos and synergies every time you play! With almost a 100 different combinations to try, Untamed Feral Factions will keep you playing for a long time!

The foxes are sneaky fellows who can manipulate Animals' attack strenght as well as their deck.
Chameleons like to play lots of card in the same turn to gain and advantage.
Rhinos are good at putting a lot of Fury on Animals and moving around damage.
Pandas are good at drawing cards and generating extra resources.
Raccoons are a tricky faction that focusses on buffing and protecting your Animals with their contraptions.
The crocodiles focus on Last Words abilities and reusing them to their advantage.
Rabbits are a flexible faction and they get more powerful if you pay more Support.
Tigers are an aggressive faction that receive a bonus if you defeat other Animals.
The sneaky rats are very versatile and like playing lots of low cost Animals to bring them back.


A card battling game such as Untamed needs awesome cards. Each faction has a Stronghold card and a mix of Animals and Item cards. Animal cards are used for attacking and Items provide powerful single use abilities. 

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